Welcome to Alyve!

(or Alyve Wellness if we're being formal)

We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by
the world of vitamins and supplements. That's why we've simplified things. Like really simplified them.

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Our story began...

when our founder Sam's life took a turn when he was diagnosed with ADD later in life. His daily routine became increasingly challenging, especially after being prescribed medication that did not work for him.

Determined to find a natural remedy to ease his symptoms, he delved into months of research, experimenting with different vitamins, supplements, herbs and more.

His amazement at the positive results led him to question why there wasn't an easier way to simplify all the work and results he did himself.

Inspired by his own journey...

he set out to create a platform that would make it easy for others to access personalised vitamins tailored to their specific needs. Alongside his co-founder, he built a team of doctors, nutritionists, and developers who shared his passion.


Our mission

We believe that taking care of your health shouldn't be a chore. It should be as easy as turning the kettle on. Or opening a single bottle of vitamins.

Our mission is simple yet powerful; to provide affordable, accessible, and effective personalised nutrition to everyone. Good health shouldn't be a complex puzzle, nor a strain on the bank account. That's why we price our vitamins 70% less than each individual ingredient would cost you, whilst using our special formulation techniques to compress 10 bottles worth into 1.

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Our promise:

We all have good days and bad days. Our aim is to make you the best
version of yourself, every day.


We promise to focus on convenience and simplicity. Compared to other brands, who suggest taking multiple bottles of vitamins, we provide you with one bottle to take with you wherever you go. Who wants to take six pills in a day? Two is all you need with us.

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