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About Us
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Sam PriceFounder
It all started when Sam (our founder) was experiencing his own health issues. Whilst he was diagnosed late in life with ADD, he found it increasingly more difficult to go about his daily routine. After being prescribed medication which didn't agree with him, he took to his own methods to find a natural remedy to help his symptoms.

After weeks of research and testing various vitamins and herbs, being astonished by the results, he wondered why there was nowhere in the first place he could've gone to do all that work for him.

Thus came the lightbulb moment. Over the following months Sam worked closely with nutritionists and doctors to specifically formulate all-in-one bottles of personalised vitamins that could focus on and target multiple goals.
OurMissiOur Missionn
Our Mission text
At Alyve, we believe everyone should be feeling good, all day, every day, mentally and physically. When it comes to nutrition, the “one-size-fits-all” approach simply does not work. By adding specific ingredients into your diet, the impact it can have on your body is rather amazing. But purchasing individual supplements can be very time consuming and expensive

By using industry-leading nutritional personalisation, we’ve created a unique service designed to enhance your target focus in life. Whether you’re a student, a builder, a lawyer or a stay at home parent, every Alyve pill is designed to the individual and their needs.
OurProour promiseise
We all have good days and bad days. Our aim is to make you the best version of yourself, every day. Compared to other brands, we focus on convenience and simplicity.

Where other brands give you daily tear-off strips and make you take 5-6 different pills a day, we provide you with one bottle to take with you wherever you go. Who wants to take six pills in a day? Two is all you need with us. From your standard vitamins to your amino acids and herbal extracts, the breadth of our high-quality vegan ingredients is what sets us apart from the generic supplement.

To ensure your nutrition levels run like clockwork, our pills are pre-made, meaning you’ll never be without a delivery. Your personalised bottle will arrive at your door every 30 days, so you’ll never miss a day. Don’t worry - you’ll never pay for postage either.

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How WeHow we operateperate
By combining the right algorithms created by our IT designers and the expertise of our nutritionist, we’ve created a wellness hub that allows you to take a free online consultation. After completing your profile, our algorithm selects you 1 out of 56 combinations best suited to your body’s needs. No matter your dietary requirements, training goals or cognitive shortcomings, we then offer you a bespoke 30-day vitamin supply designed to enhance your daily wellbeing.

We also give you the option to purchase a finger-prick blood test to measure and track exactly what’s happening inside your body, allowing you comprehensive insight into exactly how you work.
How we operate text
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